Learning to fly is both a challenging and richly rewarding experience that instills tremendous satisfaction. You can start while in your teens or as a senior citizen. To optimize your flight training Hodge Flight Services, LLC partners with UNITED PILOT SERVICES, LLC (U.P.S.) to provide you a team focused on your success. This includes providing priority access to a well equipped aircraft and one-on-one assistance with mastering the aviation knowledge you need to know. CLICK HERE to learn more about United Pilot Services, LLC (U.P.S.), and customized flight training.    

If you are an independent Certified Flight Instructor you face a number of operational challenges , among them ….

  • Marketing your services
  • Having access to a safe and well equipped aircraft
  • Assistance scheduling flight time
  • A place to meet students, and
  • Timely billing

Hodge Flight Services, LLC and its partner UNITED PILOT SERVICES, LLC (U.P.S.) can help. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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