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500 Sally Ride Dr., Suite 517, Concord CA. 94520 – (925) 627-8255

Hello I’m DeWitt Hodge, Owner of Hodge Flight Services, LLC.

I created Hodge Flight Services, LLC. and partner with others to provide services that help you realize the dream of flight, and tackle barriers that limit your opportunities to fly.

Since my first trip aboard an airliner, at age 13, I’ve been fascinated with aviation.

The U.S. Navy provided me an opportunity to nurture this interest as an air crewman. It was quite thrilling launching off of an aircraft carrier and flying over the worlds’ oceans.

After the Navy I focused on raising a family and a career. Somewhere along the way I rationalized learning to fly was too expensive, required too much time, or I was now too old. I was also clueless about how to get started. When I did make up my mind to become a pilot my initial experiences were discouraging.

Ultimately, I connected with the right people. People who share my passion for aviation, and take great delight in helping. With them, flying and developing as a pilot has been a fun and rewarding experience.



I am devoted to paying this gift forward, and look forward to helping you pursue your aviation passions!

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