Flight Simulator Rental

The FAA certified Redbird TD2 flight simulator is now available for customer rental.  This is a cost effective ideal platform for enhancing your piloting skills, advancing aircraft equipment knowledge, increasing situational awareness, and practicing decision making in response to unexpected flight conditions.

Pilot Training Scenarios:

  • Practice flight maneuvers and adverse attitude recovery
  • Practice VFR and IFR VOR/GPS navigation and airport approaches
  • Practice emergency procedures (like .. instrument & system faults, changing weather conditions)
  • Preview x-country trip routes and destination airports
  • Sharpen your night and mountain flying skills
  • IFR rating introduction
  • Learn how to fly complex / high performance aircraft
  • Non-pilot flight training (fun way for non-pilots to learn about flying and assisting during flights)

Contact us for a demonstration and/or to learn more about using our Redbird TD2.


Use your fingers or mouse to move around in the virtual tour