Thank you for your interest in attending our 2019 Fall Open House for CFIs

As an independent Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) you face a number of business
challenges, among them:

  • Marketing your services,
  • Finding customers,
  • Having access to safe and well equipped aircraft, and
  • A nice place to meet with students

You may also be interested in teaming up with other CFIs to build flight time while
assisting with pilot training.

Or, you might like to explore providing other types of pilot training beyond teaching
students how to fly. We provide the facility and aircraft, as well as help organize and
promote your training program(s). You develop and deliver the training content and the
hands-on instruction.

Why share your flight instructor income with a FBO or Flight School?
Keep all the money you earn

Contact us to learn more about using our facility and aircraft, and how we can
assist you.

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