Garmin GNS 530W

Garmin GNS 530W

The installed Garmin GNS 530W is an integrated communications and navigation unit. The 5 inch screen provides color display of a moving map, way points , terrain, and obstacles. It is interfaced to the installed Lynx NGT 9000 to also display of ADS-B traffic and weather. The GNS 530W also includes a navigation and communications radio and frequency database, supporting ILS/VOR navigation and VHF communications. It is also coupled with a Garmin GI 106 CDI to provide GPS and VOR navigation inputs.


  • WAAS GPS receiver
  • 2280 channel VHF transceiver
  • 200 channel ILS/VOR receiver with localizer and glideslope
  • Move map display of terrain, airspace, airports, cities, roads, and obstacles
  • ADS-B traffic and weather display (provided by NGT 9000 ADS-B Transponder)