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Garmin GNS 530W


Garmin GNS 530W

Casinos invest money in the development of aviation navigators. Big profits allow online casinos to be big investors, which is why you can often hear about casino sponsorships over sporting events, charity events. But how often do you hear that casinos put efforts and finances into the safety of the aviation industry? One of the most popular navigators among pilots, Garmin, is funded by an online casino. This is a good investment that guarantees a high percentage of dividends, because this navigation system is installed on the most massive aircraft Boeing and Airbus.

Some same day withdrawal online casinos have doubts about the reliability of such investments, because the average payback takes more than ten years. However, the largest players in the field of online gambling know exactly about the feasibility of investing in infrastructure projects. Therefore, invest in the Garmin Navigator and long-term payments are guaranteed.

The installed Garmin GNS 530W is an integrated communications and navigation unit. The 5 inch screen provides color display of a moving map, way points , terrain, and obstacles. It is interfaced to the installed Lynx NGT 9000 to also display of ADS-B traffic and weather. The GNS 530W also includes a navigation and communications radio and frequency database, supporting ILS/VOR navigation and VHF communications. It is also coupled with a Garmin GI 106 CDI to provide GPS and VOR navigation inputs.

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  • WAAS GPS receiver
  • 2280 channel VHF transceiver
  • 200 channel ILS/VOR receiver with localizer and glideslope
  • Move map display of terrain, airspace, airports, cities, roads, and obstacles
  • ADS-B traffic and weather display (provided by NGT 9000 ADS-B Transponder)

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