Having your own airplane offers many advantages. Among them is the freedom to fly to where you want, when you want and getting there much quicker then driving. You can get away for lunch at your favorite coastal resort, avoid the traffic headed to the mountains for the weekend, or have dinner with close friends you don’t get to see much since moving.

If you are a student pilot having your own airplane is a real plus. Foremost, in addition to learning to be a pilot, you are also learning to fly your own airplane. You don’t have to juggle when you, your instructor and the airplane are available for your next lesson. The money you would have spent renting someone else’s airplane is now being invested in your appreciating asset.

As an airplane owner you get to fly the type of airplane you want, outfitted the way you want.


So why don’t more pilots own an airplane?

Most would say it too expensive, or difficult to justify in the face of other financial priorities. Some may feel the purchasing process is too daunting. Others may also be concerned about lacking the know-how to maintain an airplane.

These are all fair points of concern to which we offer solutions!

If you would like to learn more about purchasing an airplane, or enhancing operations of the one you own, we can help.

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