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N9520D Weight and Balance Calculator

Items (and POH Published ARM)
Weight - lbs
Arm - inches
Moments - lbs/inch
9520D Empty Weight (39.62)
Fuel (6 Ibs/gal) (48.00)
Pilot Station (37.00)
Pilot's weight in lbs.
Co-Pilot Station (37.00)
Co-Pilot's weight in lbs.
Rear Seat Station (73.00)
Rear Seat Passenger's weight in lbs.
Baggage Area 1 (95.00)
Baggage Area 1 weight in lbs. 20.50lbs is weight of the tools and other items in the aircraft.
Baggage Area 2 (123.00)
Baggage Areaa 2 weight in lbs.
Fuel Calculation
Enter Number of Gallons
Number of gallons of fuel to be on board.
Calculated Fuel Weight
Weigh & Balance Formulas
W x A = M
Total Moments Total Weight
Normal Cat. CG Forward - Aft Limits