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500 Sally Ride Dr., Suite 517, Concord CA. 94520 – (925) 627-8255

Whether you are a new student pilot just starting your flight training, interested in pursuing additional pilot ratings, or want to make your next cross country flight an enjoyable experience, our well maintained and well equipped Cessna 172 is waiting for you!

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Come visit us at Concord Jet Center, on Buchanan Field (KCCR), in Concord California.


In addition to standard IFR equipment, our Cessna 172R has been upgraded from nose to tail and includes the latest in avionics and safety features.

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Click here to learn more about the aircraft’s specs and rental rates


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[/ut_one_third] [ut_two_thirds_last class=”aircraft_feature_right”] Our Cessna 172R features:

  • JPI EDM 900 engine data management system. Click here to learn more
  • Garmin’s 750 GPS with awesome IFR and VFR navigation features. Click here to learn more
  • Automated Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) features  enabling you to:
    • See and be seen by nearby air traffic, and
    • Display enroute weather information
  • Garmin’s Angle of Attack (AOA) that displays aircraft attitude (great for preventing inadvertent stalls),
  • A satellite monitored 406 Emergency Location Transmitter,
  • A dedicated on-board iPad Mini with ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot apps to enhance flight planning and situational awareness (If you prefer you can use your own). Click here to learn more

Year Model
Rental Rate(Note1)
$135per/HOBS hour
Lycoming 180 HP
Useful Fuel Cap.
53 gals
Useful Load
857 lbs.
Max Speed
125 kts
VFR/IFR Equipped


  • Hourly rental rate includes fuel
  • Discounted block rates available
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Engine data management system
COM/NAV Radios
(1)COM/NAV radio integrated into GARMIN GTN 750 GPS
(1)King KX 155A
WAAS equipped GARMIN GTN 750
Garmin GTX327
ADS-B In/Out
GARMIN GDL 88 ADS B Transceiver
Angle of Attack
Garmin AOA System
(1)King KI 209A indicator w/GS
(1)King KI 208A indicator
Auto Pilot
King KAP 140 Single Axis
Satellite monitored 406 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Weather monitoring/
-Stormscope WX-950 Weather Mapping System.
ADS-B Flight information Service Broadcast
Electronic Flight bag
Apple iPad mini || w/ ForeFlight and Garmin Pilot apps and GPS/ADS-B data via Garmin flight Stream Wifi

Calculate the weight balance for the Cessna 172 by CLICKING HERE.


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