Aviation Discussions

The cost of learning to fly and flying is getting out of hand.  Deciphering and staying current regarding aviation issues, new technology adoption, and pilot resources is taxing.

When you do fly, deciding where to, and how best to plan an enjoyable and safe flight can also be a challenge.

A lot has been written on these topics.  But we often don’t have the time to track, digest, and remember all of information available.

Perhaps collectively we can keep each other informed on what we have learned.

I invite you to join me in discussing aviation topics of interest.  Hopefully, we can share perspectives and practical applications that go beyond the magazine articles and vendor claims.

Stay tune for upcoming commentary on these and other aviation topics.  Let me know topics you would be interested in by adding your comments below.

Blog Introduction

Concord tower, Cessna 9520D in bound with Whiskey.  If you are familiar with this phraseology chances are you are a pilot or someone interested in aviation.

Either way I’m hoping to pique your interest in on-going dialog about aviation topics of interest to you.

Airplanes, what makes them go, the people involved and the knowledge accumulated fascinates me. I’m not an expert in any of these areas.  Rather, I have lots of questions, observations, and even a few suggestions about what we can do as a community to improve the awesome experience of flight.

You’re invited to read my commentaries on general aviation topics and add your thoughts.

My hope is we can help each other become more informed, spark ideas, and create opportunities to enrich our aviation experiences.   Let me know topics you would interested in by adding your comments below.

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